Tyrannosaurus rex

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A rare, High Quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth. This tooth measures 2-1/4".  The enamel has very good color and patina with some root etching. Good anterior and posterior serrations with a bite mark on the posterior carina. I don't see too many bitten T. rex teeth. No hydration cracks. The base cross-section is nearly square. No doubt a large adult T. rex tooth. 100% natural tooth. No repair or restoration. A top quality tooth specimen! T-Rex was the apex during the late Cretaceous with massive teeth capable of crushing its prey. See the detailed description to determine how to tell a real T-Rex tooth! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Butte Co., So. Dakota. Authenticity guaranteed. A massive T. rex tooth. You have too love them when the tooth gets this massive!

DT02       SIZE: 2-1/4"   (Base width: 1-1/4" ; Base height: 15/16")

Note - Adding 4 T. rex teeth in July 2022.      Link to T. rex teeth --> T. rex teeth