Triceratops Epoccipital

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A rare EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Triceratops horridus epoccipital (frill ornament) from the late Cretaceous of northern North America. Triceratops was a large ceratopsian dinosaur found in the Hell Creek and Lance Creek formations which is know for three horns and a large frill protecting its neck. This epoccipital has excellent detail preserved and great color / patina. The epoccipitals were triangular bone ornaments that lined the top of the frill. The young Triceratops had narrow and tall epoccipitals, older Triceratops had low and wide epoccipitals, and adult Triceratops no longer had this ornament. You can see this epoccipital is wide and low which are characteristics of a teenage Triceratops. Complete specimen. No repair or restoration. 100% natural specimen. Legally collected on private land in Garfield Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. 

DC24         SIZE: 4-1/8" Wide x 2" Height

Note - Adding 20 new Triceratops bones in July 2022.       Link to Triceratops fossils catalog