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A Top Quality juvenile, Torvosaurus tanneri tooth. This Torvosaurus crown measures 11/16". The enamel is high quality. Great rich dark brown color. Fair posterior serrations and anterior serrations are worn. Note - the anterior carina end about 1/3 of the way down from the tip. Good overall condition and serrations. No repair or restoration. Torvosaurus was a large predator during the late Jurassic with large teeth designed to slash predators. Legally collected on private land in the Morrison Fm., Salt & Pepper Quarry, Moffat Co., Colorado. Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - a Gem case display is included. A difficult species to find.

DL12         SIZE: 11/16"   

Note - Adding 12 Jurassic theropod teeth in May 2022    Link to Allosaurus teeth