Carcharocles megalodon

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An ultra rare EXTRA LARGE, Classic Peruvian Megalodon tooth. A March Fossil of the Month. This Megalodon has an excellent tan colored crown. The bourlette is a tan & brown and 100% complete. The root is a light brown and complete with repair. Incredible color! Highest quality enamel. The bourlette is excellent and 100% complete. The serrations are extra large and 100% complete with a great tip serration. Exceptional serrations! The root is nicely articulated, extra wide, and complete with no hydration cracks. This Megalodon was found in the Ocucate area of Peru (Miocene age). Some root root repair. A fine 5+" example of a classic Peruvian Miocene Megalodon tooth considering the shape, color, and preservation. An excellent collector's tooth from the old days! Authenticity guaranteed. Super rare location!

P001         Size: 5-7/8"    (4-3/8" Wide)

Note- Posting 4 new Peruvian Megalodon teeth in March 2022.    Link to Peruvian Megalodon teeth