Megatherium americanum - Ground Sloth

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A rare, TOP QUALITY Megatherium americanum sloth claw from an extinct genus of giant ground sloths from the Pampean region, Uruguay. A March Fossil of the Month. Megatherium is from the family of the largest Ground sloths. This claw has excellent preservation. It is complete down to an excellent tip with essentially no restoration or repair. There appears to be a 1.5” area of the top of the sheath rim on the back side that may have minor restoration (see photo - a small area). Excellent preservation of the proximal end. An incredible massive Late Pliocene - Early Pleistocene display piece from Uruguay. Authenticity guaranteed. A fantastic Pleistocene giant ground sloth claw specimen. A rare Museum Quality specimen from a rare site. One of my favorites! Comes with a steel stand. 

X701          SIZE: 11-1/2" x 5-1/4" x 2-5/8"   Height with stand:  6.75"

Note – adding 14 Ground Sloth claws & teeth in March 2022.   Link to Sloth fossils