Paramylodon harlani - Ground Sloth

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A TOP QUALITY Paramylodon harlani sloth tooth from an extinct genus of giant ground sloths from northern Florida. This sloth is known as Harlan’s ground sloth. This tooth has excellent preservation. It's complete with absolutely no restoration or repair. A wonderful Pleistocene giant ground sloth tooth specimen. Authenticity guaranteed.

X717          SIZE: 2-5/8”

Note – adding 14 Ground Sloth claws & teeth in March 2022.   Link to Sloth fossils

Paramylodon harlani sloths are an extinct genus of giant ground sloths of the family Mylodontidae endemic to North America from the Pliocene through the Pleistocene. Harlan’s ground sloth is a relative to today’s tree sloths. The giant ground sloths migrated from South America.  Paramylodon measured about 6 feet and weighted up to 1.5 tons.