Megalonyx sp. (Giant Ground Sloth claw)

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    An EXTRA LARGE, TOP QUALITY Megalonyx sp. sloth claw from an extinct genus of giant ground sloth found in a Florida shell pit. A December Fossil of the Month. This massive claw has exceptional preservation and shows little wear and tear including the external protective sheath is 85% complete. The sheaths are always missing in the river sourced claws. This specimen is nearly complete down to a decent tip with absolutely no restoration or repair. Exceptional preservation of the proximal end. A fantastic Late Pliocene - Early Pleistocene display piece from Florida. Authenticity guaranteed. One of my favorites!

    X702          SIZE:  8-1/2" L  x  2-1/8" W  x  4-1/8" H





    Megalonyx sp. sloths are are an extinct genus of giant ground sloths of the family Megalonychidae endemic to North America from the Late Miocene through the Pleistocene. Existed from ~10.3 Mya—11,000 years ago. Thus, living for approximately 10.3 million years.  Megalonyx measured about 10 feet and weighted up to 1 ton.