Mosasaurus anceps   (Prognathodon)            

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    An incredible, extra large Mosasaurus  (Prognathodon)  anceps cervical (neck) vertebra including a partial neural canal. Excellent preservation (rare). This wonderful specimen is very mineralized and weighs ~1 lb. Excellent condition. A great collector's piece.  Authenticity guaranteed. 

    M1053              SIZE: 3-3/4" H X 1-7/8" Length

    These are huge examples of extinct Mosasaurus (Prognathodon) anceps, a large Cretaceous, marine reptile. Please note that the genus name of this Mosasaur is changing to Prognathodon.

    Sharks had to fear these creatures! Found in the phosphate mine region, Khouribga, Morocco. A massive Mosasaur tooth from the hero of Jurassic World!