Stylemys nebrascensis (Tortoise)

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    A TOP QUALITY, LARGE Stylemys nebrascensis, a fossil tortoise shell, from the White River Badlands, Brule Formation, South Dakota. Fantastic color and preservation. Note that Stylemys is thought to be a burrowing tortoise which helps maintain the 3-D in aspect of the shell when they are died in their burrow. Exceptional preparation with a little restoration done to the left side (front view) which is minor and common for the White River tortoise shells. One of the better White River tortoise shells and a great display piece. Authenticity guaranteed.

    WR001         SIZE: 6-1/4" x 5" x 3"

    Stylemys nebrascensis, fossil tortoise, lived in the Middle Oligocene White River deposits of Nebraska and South Dakota, as well as the Late Eocene and Early Oligocene deposits of Wyoming. It is thought that Stylemys was a burrowing tortoise much like the modern-day Gopher Tortoise, so that preservation was maintained when the tortoise died within the burrow.