Jaekelotodus trigonalis

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A Top Quality, Large Jaekelotodus lower jaw lateral tooth. Needle side cusps! Fantastic color and condition. An incredible Eocene age tooth from Kazakhstan. You cannot beat the quality of the Kazakh Eocene teeth.

K205             Size: 1-1/4"

This catalog contains teeth from an extinct sand shark - Jaekelotodus trigonalis. These are gorgeous teeth. J. trigonalis anterior teeth exhibit a triangular straight crown with exquisite, sharp side cusps while the lateral teeth exhibit a wide hooked crown with extra sharp, well pronounced side cusps. The preservation of these middle Eocene teeth is outstanding showing exquisite detail. These teeth have been hand selected from a large group to ensure excellent condition, great color, and extra large size (the biggest and best available). These are highly attractive and fairly rare fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit. These are flawless to near flawless teeth. I have not seen a new supply for 10+ years. Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory! Note - Added some of the largest and finest Jaekelotodus ever found! A group of over grown GEM teeth!