Hemipristis serra (Sumatra)

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    A rare Hemipristis serra tooth, the Snaggletooth shark, from Sumatra, Indonesia. These teeth were deposited in the Telisa formation - a shallow marine environment during the middle Miocene (approx. 15 million years ago.) A very unique collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

    D032       SIZE: 1-1/8"

    Note - 8 new Sumatran Hemipristis teeth added in January 2018.       Link to Sumatran teeth.

    Hemipristis serra is the Snaggletooth shark. It is an extinct species of weasel shark which lived during the Oligocene and Miocene epochs. A large Hemipristis shark which could exceed 20 feet in length and would feed on fish and mammals.

    This collection represents a rare and very unusual collection of Miocene fossil shark teeth from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Few collectors have these teeth and even fewer have had the opportunity to collect this site as I did! 

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