Dakotaraptor steini (Raptor)

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An Ultra RARE, High Quality Dakotaraptor steini  (raptor) tooth. Dakotaraptor steini is one of the recently described Hell Creek Fm. raptors. This tooth is 1/2" which is a very large size. The enamel is good with a great brown color. A smooth crown. Excellent small posterior (distal = 6 ser./mm) and very small anterior (mesial = worn) serrations. See unique tooth characteristic discussion below. No cracks. No repair. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Garfield Co., Montana. Note - 2015 Dakotaraptor description paper attached belowAuthenticity guaranteed. This is your chance to own a rare, top quality Dakotaraptor steini tooth.  Note - A gem jar will be included as photographed. A rare Hell Creek Fm. raptor tooth!

DR08        SIZE: 1/2"

Note - Adding 19 new Acheroraptor & Dakotaraptor teeth in March 2021      Link to Raptor (Dromaeosaur) catalog.