Tyrannosaurus rex

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A Top Quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth from a big T. Rex from So. Dakota. A December Fossil of the Month. This Rex crown measures 3-1/4" (straight line) and 1-1/8" thick. Enamel wall is thick from an adult Rex. The enamel is very good quality. Great dark chocolate brown color. This tooth was ingested and has minor pitting on the enamel and some serration reduction. The serrations are worn, but visible. The tip area had a "sliver" break that impacts top 1/2" on one side only. An excellent large Rex tooth!  T-Rex was the apex during the late Cretaceous with massive teeth capable of crushing its prey. See the detailed description to determine how to tell a real T-Rex tooth! Legally collected on privately deeded land in the Hell Creek Fm., Harding Co., So. Dakota. Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - a Riker frame is included. This is a top quality collector's tooth. Museum quality.

DT02          SIZE: 3-1/4"   (1-1/8" W x 7/8" H)

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