Carcharocles chubutensis    

SC012 BoP
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A GEM quality Chubutensis tooth - an upper jaw anterior tooth from So. Carolina. Carcharocles chubutensis or Chubutensis is the extinct ancestor of the Megalodon shark. An August Fossil of the Month. An incredible blue & tan colored crown. Top quality enamel. The brown bourlette is large and complete. Sharp serrations are near complete (only 2 partially damaged) and an excellent tip serration. The root is brown colored and complete with no hydration cracks. Note the small cusp-like bumps at the base of the cutting edge and the grooves on the sides of the root ends - both are Chubutensis characteristics. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteedAn Exceptional  colorful Chubutensus tooth tooth. Museum Quality. The PERFECT Chubutensis tooth. 

SC012  BoP      Size: 4-1/4"  

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