Allosaurus fragilis

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A Quality, juvenile Allosaurus fragilis tooth. This Allosaurus crown measures 7/8" and is thick for its size (3/8"). The enamel is good quality. Great rich dark brown color. Excellent serrations posterior serrations all the way to the tip. Anterior serrations has some damage. Two cracks which were stabilized with some minor fill. Good overall condition with excellent serrations. A good tooth!  Allosuarus was the apex during the late Jurassic with large teeth designed to slash predators. Legally collected on private land in the Morrison Fm., Como Buff, Wyoming. Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - a Gem case display is included.

DL06         SIZE: 7/8"   (3/8")

Note - Adding 8 Allosaurus teeth in July 2020    Link to Allosaurus teeth