Carcharocles megalodon Indonesia

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"The Best of West Java"  An ultra rare, TOP QUALITY, Megalodon - upper jaw anterior tooth from West Java, Indonesia - new site. A July Fossil of the Month. A "Picture Meg tooth." This Megalodon has an incredible tan colored crown draped multi-shades of red-brown with an excellent flaming red colored bourlette (a color rarely seen elsewhere). Highest quality enamel. Fantastic color! The bourlette is extra large and 100% complete. The serrations are razor sharp and 100% complete with an excellent "triple" tip serration - very unique. Excellent serrations. The root on the display side is excellent with a few shallow pits on the non-display side which is all to common for these Megs. Miocene Age. No repair or restoration. Authenticity Guaranteed. A rare Indonesian Meg tooth. Note - The tan crown with shades of red-brown color and a flaming red bourlette is special color pattern available with the West Java Meg teeth. An exceptional West Java color Meg! An essentially perfect tooth.

IN27        Size: 5"  

Note - Adding 8+ Indonesian Megalodon Teeth in July 2020. -> Link To Indonesian Megs