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A Gem Quality Miocene-Pliocene Mastodon molar from Florida. Incredible color (red, gold & brown) and detail. A May Fossil of the Month. Fantastic color! An extinct elephant ancestor that inhabited North America during the late Miocene to late Pliocene. This molar is a gorgeous with a small amount of cusp wear. Excellent articulation. An excellent root - 100% complete and still embedded in a section of jaw. This is an exceptionally well fossilized Mastodon specimen. Note - Comes complete with the steel and hardwood base stand shown. Weighs 3.5 bs. No damage. No restoration or repair. An exceptional, color collector's Mastodon tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

X610    Size (specimen): 5"H  x 4" W x 4.5"L   ;   Stand 8" x 6.5" 

Name: Mastodon    

Age: Miocene - Pliocene    

Location: Northern Florida

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