Carcharocles auriculatus

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A very rare, early Auriculatus upper jaw, anterior tooth from Aktulagay, western Kazakhstan. This is the original early Eocene site (Ypresian). High quality enamel with some mineral staining. Excellent fine serrations and killer, large side cusps with very irregular serrations. These teeth have very good color, gloss, and preservation. A rare early Eocene Auriculatus tooth! No repair. Authenticity guaranteed. A true early Eocene Auriculatus tooth! A large tooth for this site. This western Kazakhstan site is one of the few places in the world where the Otodus to Auriculatus transition can be found in adjacent layers.

K508           SIZE: 2"

Note - Adding 18 Kazakh Auriuclatus or transition teeth in April 2020. -->  Link to Kazakh Auriculatus teeth.