Megalodon - My First Megalodon (BV)

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An Excellent GRAY colored Megalodon tooth from Florida. These Megs are Miocene age - about 10 MYA from the Bone Valley Fm. of Florida. Megalodon teeth are great for gifts, class room, or starting your fossil shark tooth or Megalodon collection.  Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - All "First Megalodon" teeth come with a 4-1/2"x 5-1/2" Riker frame with label plus an identification card.  Note - Be sure to see all of the My First Megalodon offerings.

MFM31       Size: 2-5/8"

Note - Adding 20 new SC/BV My First Megalodon teeth in Dec. 2019   -->   Link to My First Megalodon