Tyrannosaur tooth

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A Top Quality Tyrannosaur tooth (juvenile) from the late Cretaceous (Campanian) in northern North America. Please note that this tooth could AlbertosaurusGorgosaurus or Daspletosaurus - see Detailed Discussion below. This tooth measures 1/2" - a nice juvenile Tyrannosaur tooth. The enamel is high quality with excellent color.This tooth position would be in the front of the jaw. Anterior serrations and posterior serrations are excellent. Serrated to the tip. (Note - Cross-section photo attached. Posterior position of the tooth faces right ( 3 o'clock position). One carina is at the 3 o'clock position and the other carina is at the 7 o'clock position. Not a classic premaxillary tooth character.) No cracks, repair or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Judith River Fm., Wheatstone Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. An excellent collector's tooth. 

DY11         SIZE: 1/2"  

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