Tyrannosaurus rex

DT04 BoP
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A Top Quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth. This is a large Premaxillary tooth ("Premax") or front tooth in the jaw which have a "D" shape. An October Fossil of the Month. This Premax Rex crown measures 2-3/16" and is very thick for its size (1"). The enamel is highest quality. Great rich chocolate brown color. The serrations are exceptional going to the tip. There is essentially no wear facet at the tip which is not typical for a Premax tooth. One small crack, but no break. No repair or restoration. A 100% natural tooth! Fantastic overall condition with incredible serrations for a large Premax Rex tooth. An exceptional tooth!  T-Rex was the apex during the late Cretaceous with massive teeth capable of crushing its prey. See the detailed description to determine how to tell a real T-Rex tooth! Legally collected on privately deeded land in the Hell Creek Fm., Garfield Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality. Note - a Riker frame is included.

DT04          SIZE: 2-3/16"   (1" x 5/8" cross scetion)