Megalodon - My First Megalodon

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A Very Nice GRAY colored Megalodon tooth from So. Carolina with frame.  An excellent larger tooth. These Megalodon teeth are great for gifts, class room, or starting your fossil shark tooth or Megalodon collection.  These Megs are Miocene age - about 15 MYA (Hawthorne Fm.) from So. Carolina unless otherwise marked. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - All larger "First Megalodon" teeth come with a 3 "x 4" Riker frame with label (as photographed) plus an identification card.  Note - Be sure to see all of our My First Megalodon offerings - So. Carolina and Bone Valley (FL) teeth available.

MFM13         Size: 2-3/8"

Note - Adding 20 new SC/BV My First Megalodon teeth in Nov. 2018   ->    Link to My First Megalodon