Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

M1227 BoP
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A HUGE, TOP QUALITY Spinosaurus aegyptiacus tooth from the Kem-Kem region of Morocco. An October Fossil of the Month. High quality enamel with well preserved and pronounced grooves running up the crown. Little crown tip wear for a big tooth. A fantastic deep red patina - rare color for a Spino tooth, and the surface has a drusy crystalline appearance - very nice and very rare. Plus this is an extra thick BIG Spino tooth that would have been easily 1-1/2" thick at the base - see photo. One of the fattest Spino teeth that I have seen. No cracks. No repair and restoration. A very special, big collector's tooth from an extra large Spinosaurus - the 50 foot variety! Plus rare deep red color with a crystalline surface. An essentially PERFECT tooth. You do not see the top quality BIG Spino teeth very often. Authenticity guaranteed. Best of the BEST!

M1227 BoP        Size: 4-1/4"     (1-1/4"+ W)

Note - 15 new Spinosaurus teeth added in October 2018.     Link to Spinosaurus teeth.