Zygorhiza kochii (Archaeocete whale)

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A TOP QUALITY, EXTRA LARGE & very rare Archaeocete whale, Zygorhiza kochii, from Harleyville, So. Carolina. Our 2nd November Fossil of the Month is a highly desirable Zygorhiza molar or "yoke" tooth.  An exceptional chocolate brown colored crown and tan root. The crown has fantastic articulation with incredible detail. Complete root. This tooth has minimal repair to tips of the 3 cusps on the left side only. Very little repair overall for a yoke tooth which are typically heavily repaired.  One of the BEST Archaeocete molars that I have seen from So. Carolina in a long time. A very rare collector's tooth. Museum Quality.  Note - 6" x 8" Riker frame included. One of my favorites!

SC1322        SIZE: 3-3/4"

Note - 14 new Archaeocete whale teeth from So. Carolina added in November 2017. Our largest selection of top quality Archaeocete teeth ever!                     Archaeocete Whale catalog link.