Carcharocles chubutensis

LC006 BoP
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A GEM HUGE, 4-1/4" CLASSIC Lee Creek Carcharocles chubutensis, a C. megalodon predecessor - upper jaw Principal Anterior tooth. LC006 is an absolute monster sized Chubutensis tooth. This tooth was found in the Pungo River Formation (middle Miocene age). Note that the crown exhibits small cusplike bumps at the base of the serrated edge and the root ends also show grooves where the teeth interlocked. These are characteristic traits of the Lee Creek early Meg - C. chubutensis. A gorgeous light tan colored crown with an excellent tan bourlette. The bourlette is 100% complete. No enamel peel. The serrations are long, razor sharp, and essentially complete including a good tip serration. Highest quality enamel! The root is an excellent light tan color and complete. An exceptionally large Chubutensis collector's tooth. NO repair! The BEST of the BEST! One of my favorites. It will be difficult to find another early Meg like this one.

LC006    Size: 4-1/4"   (3-11/16" W)