Carcharocles megalodon 

F002 BoP
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Fossil of the Month. A GEM, EXTRA LARGE Megalodon PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR upper jaw tooth from the St. Mary's River, Florida. You rarely see a St. Mary's River Meg in top quality condition. A GORGEOUS Meg with a gorgeous light brown crown with a dark chocolate bourlette. Highest quality enamel. The serrations are incredibly large and sharp with an excellent tip serration, and essentially 100% complete! Exceptional serrations for a big Meg. The root is complete, nicely articulated, and a gorgeous medium brown color. Excellent symmetry. This Megalodon is an exceptionally well preserved. Weighs more than 1 lb. NO repair or restoration. AN EXCEPTIONAL BIG MEG. MUSEUM QUALITY. Among the BEST of the BEST!

F002            SIZE: 6-1/16" (4-3/8" W)