Carcharocles megalodon 

SC062 BoP
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The May 2015 Fossil of the Month. My BEST GEM, EXTRA LARGE Megalodon PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR upper jaw tooth from the Ashapoo River, So. Carolina. A "PICTURE" Meg with a gorgeous light brown ("Ashapoo") crown with charcoal colored "clouds". Highest quality enamel. The medium brown bourlette is incredible, very glossy, nearly complete, and very showy. The serrations are incredibly large and sharp with an excellent tip serration, and 100% complete - perfect! Incredible serrations for a big Meg - among the finest (see the close photos)! The root is complete, nicely articulated, few hydration cracks and a gorgeous chocolate brown color. Excellent symmetry. This Megalodon is an exceptionally well preserved. Weighs more than 1 lb. NO repair or restoration. AN EXCEPTIONAL BIG MEG. MUSEUM QUALITY. This Meg is definitely with in the top three 6"+ Megs that I have seen. An INCREDIBLY SPECIAL BIG Meg. The BEST of the BEST! If you are looking for the "PERFECT" BIG MEG, they do not get any better than this one! Ashapoo River, So. Carolina Meg. Be sure to see all of our Fossil Teeth of the Month selections!

SC062              SIZE: 6-5/16" (4-7/8" W)