Otodus obliquus

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    GEMEXTRA LARGE anterior Otodus tooth with an excellent golden tan color and a white root. Knife-like edges and tip! A massive, thick root.  No repair! Incredible color! Exceptional size and quality. Museum grade.

    M002           SIZE: 3-7/16"

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from one of the earliest mackerel sharks, Otodus obliquus. These teeth are noted for their wide triangular crown and large side cusps (occasionally multiple side cusps). O. obliquus was the king of the early Eocene - (approx. 50 million years ago). These large teeth are fairly common and very showy, making them a must have for every fossil shark teeth collection. These extraordinary large teeth (3"+) in excellent condition are collector quality. Extraordinary large teeth are not easily located, but can still be affordable. When was the last time you saw this many Otodus teeth with no repair?

    Please note that exceptional O. obliquus are hard to locate. Most teeth teeth are destroyed when collected due to the crude extraction techniques. Most teeth will loose one or more side cusps and / or roots will break when extracted. These items are then be reattached. The trick is locating teeth that have little or no damage (if damaged, repair must be quite nice and nearly undetectable). Most O. obliquus teeth on the market are poorly repaired. I have gone through large quantities to find teeth that are very showy with no damage or minimal damage that can not be detected on the display side. The Otodus teeth in this catalog are extraordinarily large and their condition is excellent. Thus, these teeth quite phenomenal for their extra large size and uncommonly nice condition. If you are frustrated over the glued together and remanufactured Otodus teeth that you have purchased in the past, you will find these GEMs to be a pleasant surprise. True Collector's quality!

    Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.

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