Prognathodon anceps (Mosasaurus)

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    A Top Quality Prognathodon anceps tooth from a juvenile MosasaurFully rooted - very rare! This is not your typical Mosasaur crown glued to a root. This is an all original, associated specimen (beware of the fakes). Exceptional condition and preservation.  No repair or restoration. Museum Quality. Note - the large Moroccan Mosasaurs have been renamed to a Prognathodon genus. Authenticity guaranteed.

    M1076        SIZE: 1-15/16" W       

    Note - Adding 12 new Mosasaur teeth in November 2019. -->  Link to Mosasaur teeth.

    These are huge examples of extinct Prognathodon anceps, a large Cretaceous, marine reptile. Sharks had to fear these creatures! Found in the phosphate mine region, Khouribga, Morocco. A massive Mosasaur tooth from the hero of Jurassic World!

    Common problems with rooted Mosasaur teeth - 

    1) Rooted teeth are commonly faked with the crown reattached to a root (sometimes a manufactured root), The intersection of the crown and root is usually a line which is different colored and looks like matrix or glue on the fakes. M1051 does not. 

    2) Rooted teeth are often artificially set of matrix since there is a demand for a matrix rooted teeth and it easier to conceal restoration work with matrix teeth. You will see a different color and consistency of the matrix layer around the teeth on the fakes. M1062 does not. 

    3) Large rooted Mosasaur teeth typically always have a flaw(s). M1062 is near perfect.

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    Size5-1/2" x 1-3/4" W
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