Isurus hastalis - uppers

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    A rare, TOP QUALITY, 3" Mako shark tooth with a gorgeous colored crown still embedded in its original Round Mountain Silt matrix. An excellent display. A June Fossil of the Month. The root is very well preserved with a nice brown color. Very clean crown. Excellent overall preservation. There is also a Squatina tooth displayed.  A fantastic extra large, top quality Mako tooth from the Ernst West quarry which produced the finest teeth with exceptional preservation, high quality, and great color. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. My largest big upper in a fantastic display piece!

    ST001      SIZE: 3"

    Note - Adding Sharktooth Hill Hastalis teeth in June 2019.    Link to STH Hastalis teeth.

    This catalog contains exceptional upper jaw teeth from the king of the Makos - Isurus hastalis, the Big-tooth Mako shark. These teeth are noted for their wide triangular crown and heavy square roots. The Sharktooth Hill site produces extraordinary I. hastalis teeth. We are offering some the largest and highest quality teeth available with excellent color and preservation. Check out the size. Check out the colors!  Excellent teeth from the Sharktooth Hill area. These are the highest quality teeth from my old inventory!

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