Isurus retroflexus                                              

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    Retroflexus - A GEM rare I. retroflexus tooth. Upper jaw anterior position. Very nice light color with exceptional gloss. Great preservation and condition - extra sharp edges and tip - exceptionally clean.

    C624   (Right)        Size: 1"

    Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted. These are early Pliocene age teeth from the Bahia Inglesa Fm. **A large assortment of position teeth included below.** These are excellent collector's teeth.

    Note - A word on shark lineage: Isurus desori is believed to be the ancestral form of Isurus oxyrinchus, the extant Shortfin Mako shark. It is believed that Isurus retroflexus evolved into Isurus paucus, the extant Longfin Mako.

    Note - These are the best narrow blade Mako teeth found in the last two years!

    Click on photos to enlarge. Catalog updated June 13, 2005.

    Note - Left photo --> upper data & right photo = bottom data.

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