Isurus hastalis                          

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    The December week #2 Fossil of the Month is a GEM, EXTRA LARGE copper Isurus hastalis tooth. Rare copper red color with exceptional gloss. The root shows very nice detail. Absolutely great preservation and condition - extra sharp edges and tip - very clean. The "broad form" of the I. hastalis. Exceptional color. One of the finest BIG Mako teeth from the copper red site. An exceptional collector's tooth! BEST of the BEST. NC301 SIZE: 2-15/16"

    Gorgeous copper red colored teeth. These Isurus teeth are noted for their unique copper red color and excellent preservation. This color is rarely seen  -  adding to the value of these Makos. Found in Hertford County in NE North Carolina.  These copper red colored teeth are quite rare and very difficult to find which adds to their rarity. All teeth listed are exceptional with near museum quality or better. Absolutely NO restoration or repair in this group! Not a rare species, but try finding one with the rare copper red colors! A must have color for any serious Mako tooth collection. Teeth from my old inventory - very difficult  to find these teeth!

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