Diplomystus dentatus

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    A Top Quality Diplomystus fish from the Split Fish layer, Green River Fm., Lincoln Co. Wyoming. The Diplomystus dentatus is a Herring fish from the Eocene age (50 MYA). Note - Both halves of the fish are included - you will receive the positive and negative sides of this fish!  Exceptional preservation and preparation. No repair. All natural. Plate size is 8" x 4-1/2". An excellent display piece!  Authenticity guaranteed.

    X474         SIZE: 6-1/8"

    Note - Adding 21 Green River Fm. Fossil fish in October 2019 --> Link to Fossil Fish

    The Diplomystus dentatus is a Herring. The Diplomystus was a carnivorous fish which feed on the Knightia based on many examples found inside their stomachs. This piece shows incredible detail and makes a wonderful display piece. 

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