Nanotyrannus lancensis

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    A MONSTER sized, TOP QUALITY Nanotyrannus lancensis tooth. This tooth measures 2-5/16". A tooth this size will typically be called a juvenile T. Rex tooth by most.The enamel is exceptional with fantastic color and quality. Excellent anterior and posterior serrations to the tip. A small amount tip wear which is typical for a huge tooth. Two cracks were filled. No repair or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Powder River Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed.  A fantastic extra large collector's Nano tooth.  Note - a Riker frame is included. You rarely a see Nano tooth this large!

    DN05  BoP      SIZE: 2-5/16"   (1" x 1/2" cross-section)

    Note - Adding six new Nano teeth in April 2019 --> Link to Nano teeth

    Nanotyrannus lancensis or "tiny tyrant" is a tyrannosaurid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period believed to reach ~20 feet. There is much discussion regarding the Nanotyrannus being a juvenile or young T. rex, but there are many arguments in favor of the separate species including tooth count, fused cheek bones, proportionally larger hands, etc. Fossil remains include well preserved teeth, bones, and claws, and are highly valued by collectors. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private ranch land with the owners permission in the northwestern US (Montana). All teeth are late Cretaceous, Hell Creek Fm. , 67 MYA.

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