Acheroraptor temertyorum (Raptor)

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    A RARE Extra Large, Top Quality Acheroraptor temertyorum (raptor) tooth. An October Fossil of the Month. Acheroraptor temertyorum is one of the recently described Hell Creek Fm. raptors. This tooth is 1/2" which is about the maximum size. The enamel is exceptional with a great brown color. Excellent anterior and posterior serrations. See unique crown characteristic discussion below. No cracks. No repair. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Powdr River Co., Montana. Note - 2013 Acheroraptor description paper attached belowAuthenticity guaranteed. This is your chance to own a rare, top quality Acheroraptor temertyorum tooth.  Note - A gem jar will be included as photographed.

    DR14         SIZE: 1/2"+

    Note - Adding 15 new Raptor (Dromaeosaur  & Acheroraptor) teeth in October 2019      Link to Raptor (Dromaeosaur) catalog.

    Dromaeosaurs were the dominant raptor of the upper Cretaceous period in North America. This theropod was rather small at 7 feet, but made up for its size with a large mouth full of serrated teeth. Like the other raptors they possessed a large "sickle" claw on each foot. It probably hunted in packs and may have been feathered. Fossil remains include well preserved teeth, bones, and claws, and are highly valued by collectors. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private lands in the northwestern US. Late Cretaceous, Hell Creek Fm. (or equivalent), 66 MYA.

    Acheroraptor temertyorum is one of the described Hell Creek Fm. raptors which is determined by the ribbed appearance of the enamel running the full length of the crown. It is a Dromaeosaurid.

    Paper - "A new dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) with Asian affinities from the latest Cretaceous of North America"  David C. Evans & Derek W. Larson & Philip J. Currie; November 19, 2013

    Note -  Hell Creek Formation named raptor dinosaurs. There are only two named raptor dinosaurs in the Hell Creek / Lance Creek Formations - Acheroraptor temertyorum (2013) with a distinct ribbed appearance of the enamel running the full length of the crown. Dakotaraptor steini (2015) was a large raptor possessing teeth with consistent characteristics with the typical big Hell Creek raptor teeth, but the large Hell Creek raptor teeth are mostly likely not all Dakotaraptor teeth. Both are Dromaeosaurid raptor dinosaurs.

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