Carcharodontosaurus saharicus

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    An incredible, very rare Carcharodontosaurus Pes (toe) claw from the Kem Kem deposits in Morocco. Please note that there are minimal breaks and no restoration. Natural color and surfaces. It is difficult to find a better example without heavy restoration. Proximal end is nicely preserved. A great opportunity to own a rare, large Cretaceous theropod claw for less than $1000. You don't see natural claws very often. The real deal! Authenticity guaranteed.

    M1207       Size: 3"+

    Carcharodontosaurus was a very large Theropod dinosaur thought to be similar in size to T-Rex. The teeth are serrated like a knife and used to slice flesh. Carcharodontosaurus was the apex predator of its time in Cretaceous Africa (~100 MM years old) - a very fearsome dinosaur! These are incredibly preserved teeth from the monster dinosaur that was the T-Rex of northern Africa!

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