Allosaurus fragilis

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    An EXTRA LARGE, ulta rare Top Quality Allosaurus fragilis tooth. This Allosaurus crown measures 2" and is wide for its size (13/16"). The enamel is high quality with peeling. Great brown color. Excellent serrations on both sides all the way to the tip. A recently erupted tooth - rare. Exceptional serrations for a large tooth. One crack was stabilizied. No repair or restoration. A 100% natural tooth! Excellent overall condition with very good serrations. An excellent quality tooth! Allosuarus was the apex during the late Jurassic with large teeth designed to slash predators. Legally collected on private land in the Morrison Fm., Grand Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - a Riker case display is included. This is a special tooth. You do not see 2" Allosaurus tooth crowns offered very often!

    DL02          SIZE: 2"   (13/16" x 1/2" cross section)

    Note - Adding 8 Allosaurus teeth in July 2020    Link to Allosaurus teeth

    Allosaurus fragilis or "different lizard" was the infamous apex predator of the late Jurassic period. This monster reached lengths of approximately 30 feet and reached weights approaching 3500 pounds. Their teeth were serrated and were used to dine on Stegosaurus, Diplodicus, etc. A must have item for dinosaur collectors. Fossil remains in teeth, bones, and claws. All of which are very rare and extremely difficult to locate. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private lands in the northwestern US. Late Cretaceous, Morrison Fm., 155-145 MYA. Authenticity guaranteed. 

    This Jurassic predator is much older than the T. rex. The Tyrannosaurus rex is much closer in age to man than to the Allosaurus.

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