Carcharodontosaurus saharicus

    M1201 BoP
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    A HIGH QUALITY 4-11/16" Carcharodontosaurus tooth from the Kem Kem deposits of Morocco. This tooth is huge with a 4" crown! An excellent golden brown color. High quality enamel. Excellent overall quality and preservation. Very good anterior and posterior serrations. Excellent growth waves near cutting edge. Large position tooth in jaw - extra wide crown. Absolutely no cracks running across the tooth. There is an one inch area on the reverse side that must of lifted and it was stabilized. No restoration. This is an all natural tooth which is quite rare for a XXL Carch tooth. A Museum Quality EXTRA LARGE tooth. Serrated edge measures 4". Authenticity guaranteed! This monster Carcharodontosaurus tooth - you rarely see a 4" crown!

    M1201  BoP      SIZE: 4-11/16" (1-1/2" W) - straightline measurement!

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    Carcharodontosaurus was a very large Theropod dinosaur thought to be similar in size to T-Rex. The teeth are serrated like aknife and used to slice flesh. Carcharodontosaurus was the apex predator of its time in Cretaceous Africa (~100 MM years old) - a very fearsome dinosaur! These are incredibly preserved teeth from the monster dinosaur that was the T-Rex of northern Africa!