Carcharocles angustidens

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    A HUGE, High Quality Angustidens - upper jaw Anterior tooth from Summerville, So. Carolina. Highest quality enamel. Excellent tan color. Bourlette is an excellent Brown color and 95% complete. Excellent serrations with a partially damaged tip. Very nice side cusps with some doubling. The root is excellent with large grooves on the root ends. Good color and preservation! No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. An excellent BIG Angustidens tooth from Summerville, So. Carolina.

    SC501           SIZE: 3-11/16"  

    Note - Adding 20+ new Angustidens teeth in January 2020.   -->   Link to Angustidens teeth.

    Carcharocles angustidens or Angustidens is an extinct ancestor of the Megalodon shark. The Angustidens evolved in the Oligocene disappeared by the early Miocene (approximately 33-22 million years ago). They were preceded by the Auriculatus and were followed by the Chubutensis species in the Megalodon lineage. Angustidens teeth have side cusps that can be large at the base of the crown. These side cusps will be spaced closer to the crown than Auriculatus

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from C. angustidens, the direct ancestor to the Extinct Giant White shark (C. megalodon). C. angustidens teeth are noted for their triangular crowns and small side cusps that are fully serrated. The serrations are very sharp and very well pronounced. These teeth are from the Oligocene (28 million years ago).

    Please note that these C. angustidens teeth were found in a Chandler Bridge Formation land site near Summerville, S.C. or other coastal S.C. locations, and are of  very high quality.  These teeth will have full roots, tips, cusps, well defined serrations, and little to no damage of any kind. There is a tremendous selection of top quality Angustidens listed below.  If you are looking for a great C. angustidens, check out these teeth!  

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    Size3-7/16" 2-1/4" W
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