Crotalcephalus aff. africanus

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    A Rare, Extra Large Crotalcephalus aff. africanus trilobite. Another November Fossil of the Month. This is a BIG trilobite with a very unique design including long spines on the pygidium. This species appears to be armored or designed to blend into its environment for protection. Incredible shell and spine preservation and incredible size for this rare species! An impessive specimen. A Middle Devonian (390 mya) trilobite from the El Jorf area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Authenticity guaranteed. A very large and well preserved trilobite. Much different from the typical examples in the market. The BEST collector's quality! Museum Quality.

    XM47        Size: 3-3/4"  x  2-1/2" W x 3/4" shell height or relief

    Note - More than 20 high quality Devonian age Moroccan trilobite species for sale. Authenticity guaranteed.  -->  Link to Moroccan Trilobites.

    Name: Crotalcephalus aff. africanus    Order: Phacopida,  Family: Cheiruridae

    Age: Middle Devonian - Eifelian (390 mya)

    Location: El Jorf, Morocco

    Trilobite authenticity - Yes, there are fake trilobites on the market, but not too many and they are typically confined to low end / "bargain" dealers, eBay, Etsy, etc. Below are some of the common signs of trilobite fakes.

    1. If the price of a rare or exquisite spiny trilobite is inexpensive, there is a reason. It would be fake or a heavily restored trilobite with little collector value.

    2. If you see 2 or 3 or a dozen or more trilobites that all look identical and are neatly positioned on matrix, they are fakes. Each trilobite will be unique. Each should show some flaws. 

    3. If you see the matrix around the trilobite is a different color & texture or worse yet, the matrix is around the trilobite is starting to separate or delaminate from the surrounding rock. You are looking at a fake trilobite mold glued onto matrix. 

    4. If you a matrix piece with 3, 4 or more different trilobite species which are all neatly spaced and all complete, they are fakes. Sometimes you will see them in a bowl configuration. 

    The bottom line - Know your dealer, their reputation, and their willingness to certify their products and fully refund your costs. We certify all of our products. Please ask questions if in doubt. 

    About the preparation -  This trilobite was Moroccan prepared. The best Moroccan preparators are very good and now have proper tools and techniques. The best Moroccan preparators also minimize restoration and coloration to provide specimens that are natural.  You will see the faint cracks in the matrix that exposed the trilobite. You may see faint cracks in the of the trilobite shell which were also how the trilobite was exposed. You will see natural pathologies or flaws prior to fossilization. And you may see some minor damage that occurred while digging or preparation. Nothing is covered up in this group, but the flaws are so small and minor that is does not take away from overall aesthetics of the trilobite. This trilobite is natural and highly attractive without restoration. Note - Many commercial preparators will work too fast and cover up their flaws with putty and paint.