Carcharodon carcharias (Modern)

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    A GEM, EXTRA LARGE Great White shark tooth. Upper jaw anterior (A1) tooth. Needle-like tip, extra large, and perfect serrations. Snow white color. Incredible detail. Wide root. Perfect summetry. The PERFECT GW tooth. For the person who requires the best! These teeth are very difficult to locate!  My finest extra large, lower jaw tooth. Best of the BEST!

    MGW02              SIZE: 2-5/16"  (1-1/2" W)

    The Great White shark has been a protected species for more than 10 years, and unfortunately modern teeth can only come from a captured shark. All teeth today have to come from old collections and are extremely difficult to locate. These are incredible examples of a known man killer. Check out the serrations - they are getting larger compared to their fossil ancestors. I added several of my finest, rare collector specimens. Get one while they last!

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