Onchopristis numidus                          

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    A Top Quality Onchopristis numidus rostal tooth from the Kem Kem area of Morocco. Onchopristis was a fearsome Cretaceous Saw shark. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. One of my favorite shark teeth. 

    M1027         SIZE: 1-13/16"

    Note - Ten new Onchopristis teeth added in October 2017.        Onchopristis Catalog Link

    These are exceptional examples of extinct Onchopristis rostal teeth from the late Cretaceous period. Their rostrum or snout measured up to 8 feet in length and was lined with large barbed rostal teeth. This Saw shark grew to 30 feet in length. The rostal teeth are superb quality specimens - large and beautiful! Our BEST selection ever!

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