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    A GEM, EXTRA LARGE, rare Pinus sp. pine cone specimen from Germany.  This pine cone is fully inflated. Fantastic preservation. One of the finest specimens that I have seen from the German site. It is nicely displayed in its orginal matrix.  Note - nodule matrix is 3.5" long. Authenticity guaranteed. Definitely one of the BEST.

    Name: Pinus sp.      Age: Upper Oligocene (32 mya)      Location: Bad Kreuznach, Germany

    X334       Size: 2"   (1-1/8" W)

    Link to pine cone fossils.

    An EXTRA LARGE, rare pine cone specimen from Germany. Excellent detail, very high relief, and excellent preservation. The pine cone is inside an extremely hard nodular matrix - excellent preparation. This is a a very rare upper Oligocene pine cone specimen.

    Name: Pinus sp.

    Age: Upper Oligocene (32 mya)

    Location: Bad Kreuznach, Germany

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    Size2" Length (1-1/8" Wide)
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