Other Fossils

  1. August 05, 2020

    Are Trilobites Common Or Rare Fossils?

    Fossils, and trilobite fossils, in particular, are rarely found in the finest state of preservation. After all, they had been buried under the rocks for more than hundreds of millions of years, exposed to movements of earth’s crust and metamorphosis. While some unpleasant geological activities completely destroyed their fossilization, others keep them preserved for years. 

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  2. June 01, 2020

    Mastodon: The Modern-Day Elephant’s Prehistoric Cousin

    For a long time, people were confused between Mastodons and Mammoths, and understandably so, because they looked quite similar. They were both huge and hairy, had a long nose and tusks. These pre-historic elephants belong to the order Proboscidea, which is a named derived from the Greek word for “nose.”

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