Hexanchus gigas   - Chile

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An Extra Large, Top Quality Hexanchus tooth from the Caldera Basin of Chile. This is complete lower jaw tooth from an adult shark. Superb preservation and color. Absolutely matrix free. Nine very sharp, complete primary cusps. A very good root - very unique & difficult to find! Essentially perfect tooth. A Museum Quality collector's tooth.  Authenticity guaranteed.                

C403L          Size: 1-11/16"

This catalog contains gorgeous teeth from the Six-gilled or cow shark, Hexanchus gigas. Hexanchus teeth are one of the scarce and well preserved fossils that are unique to the Caldera Basin site in Chile! The highly desirable lower jaw teeth are very large and noted for a saw-like row of cusps and wide rectangular roots. Upper jaw teeth vary from single crowns to fewer multi-crowns. These top quality shark teeth are fairly rare, very showy and difficult to find, making them an excellent addition to your shark teeth collection. These teeth are rarely seen for sale and the Chile site is producing some phenomenal specimens (more so than any where else in the world!). Those who have hunted in the Lee Creek mine know how difficult it is to find this tooth.

Please note that exceptional Hexanchus gigas teeth are very difficult to locate. Most of these teeth are destroyed when collected due to their fragile nature or are covered with matrix that is too hard to remove. Thus, you will often find many incomplete or broken teeth on the market. The group of teeth offered below are exceptional examples, large, incredibly colored, and superbly preserved, and matrix free. This is the best group that I have seen. OK, you can find them cheaper, but you will not find them better. Look out for those glued, restored, and otherwise broken specimens that you will see offered by others. These teeth represent the best quality Hexanchus teeth to be found - any where. You may see others offered, but none will be finer than these. A lower jaw Hexanchus tooth with similar quality found in the US will $350-450 or more! These fantastic Museum Quality teeth for the discriminating collector and bargain priced for a rare and fragile tooth! Get one while they last.

Note - lower jaw teeth sizes are expressed in width. 

Note - An incredible group of perfect or near perfect teeth from my old inventory. No repair to any of these teeth and they are typically found broken! You will never see a group of top quality teeth this large! No new inventory in 10+ years!

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