Hemipristis serra

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A Hemipristis lower jaw anterior tooth from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. Excellent white color!  A very difficult Sharktooth Hill species to find!  Authenticity guaranteed.

ST503       SIZE: 1-1/4"

Note - Adding 5 new STH Hemipristis teeth in July 2019.    Link to STH Hemipristis teeth.

This catalog contains very nice teeth from the snaggletooth shark - Hemipristis serraThese teeth are not common in the Sharktooth Hill deposit and good specimens are very difficult to locate. Hemipristis teeth of this size, color, and quality are a site rarity. H. serra teeth are noted for their wide variation between upper and lower jaw teeth. The majority of the H. serra teeth exhibit very pronounced serrations.

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