Hemipristis serra

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A Top Quality Hemipristis serra tooth - an upper jaw lateral tooth from the Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina. This tooth has a beautiful tan crown and a white root. A Pungo River Fm. tooth - Miocene age. Just about a perfect tooth!

LC515        SIZE: 1-5/16"

This catalog contains very nice specimens from the Snaggletooth shark, Hemipristis serra. Hemipristis serra is an extinct species of weasel shark which evolved during the Oligocene epoch. The Hemipristis shark exists today, but it is smaller than its Miocene - Pliocene cousin. Hemipristis serra teeth are highly attractive and noted for their varying tooth design for different tooth positions. These teeth are Miocene - Pliocene age (2-15 million years ago). It is difficult to find these large and perfect teeth!

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Size 1-5/16"
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