Edestus heinrichi                            

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    LARGE,  very rare Edestus heinrichi tooth, from a very early shark. Whirl length is 1-5/8". Exceptional preservation and condition with extra large serrations. These rare teeth are Pennsylvanian age from Illinois. A GEM collector's tooth.

    I002             SIZE: 7/8"

    The Edestus heinrichi or Edestus mirus, the Coal shark, are very rare Pennsylvanian age shark found in an underground coal mine in Sparta, Illinois. The tooth exhibits a uniquebroad triangular crown with huge serrations. The roots are also quite unique as they appear as long arms with the crown at the end. The roots would interlock to form a "tooth whorl." These teeth are well preserved. These teeth are from the Anna Shale Fm. (Carbondale Group) - approx. 300 million years in age. It is always difficult locating these rare teeth. Norepair or restoration to any of these teeth!

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