Elosuchus cherifiensis

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A rare, Top Quality Elosuchus cherifiensis crocodile tooth from the Kem Kem region of Morocco. A scarce rooted tooth. Incredible detail and color. Wide crown. These crocodile teeth are Mid Cretaceous epoch, Cenomanian stage (96 million years ago). An exceptional collector's tooth. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. You don't see many rooted teeth.

M1371       SIZE: 2-3/8"  (7/8" W)

Note - Adding 7 crocodile teeth from Morocco in October 2022.  Moroccan Crocodile catalog link.


These are  large examples of extinct Crocodile teeth, a Cretaceous marine reptile. Sharks had to fear these creatures! Teeth of this size and quality are rare for this species! Found in the Kem Kem region, Morocco.