Crocodile Scute

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    An EXTRA LARGE, top quality Elosuchus(?) crocodile scute from the Kem Kem region of Morocco. Incredible detail and color. This is a huge and complete scute ("body armor") which is most likely from the dominate crocodile for the region - Elosuchus. The crocodile scute is Mid Cretaceous epoch, Cenomanian stage (96 million years ago). An exceptional collector's scute. Authenticity guaranteed. Note - these scutes are rarly seen!

    M1367       SIZE: 2-11/16" x 2-1/4" 

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    These are large examples of extinct Crocodile teeth, a Cretaceous marine reptile. Sharks had to fear these creatures! Crocodile scutes of this size and quality are rare for this species! Found in the Kem Kem region, Morocco.